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Machines with muscle
Excavator hire from A&M Lloyd Plant Hire Ltd

Dredging a river, digging dirt or lifting heavy objects such as lead pipes or prefab pieces? For any job that requires the muscle of a heavy duty excavator, A&M Lloyd Plant Hire Ltd has got you covered.

For smaller spaces where manoeuvrability is difficult for a large excavator, we have more than 15 mini excavators that can handle your job.
Require a driver? A&M Lloyd Plant Hire Ltd employ a number of fully qualified excavator drivers to carry out your excavation work efficiently.

Excavator shadow image

Choose excavators from
Kubota, Komatsu and Hitachi

  • 14.3 Tonne - Hitachi ZX135US: 3 zero tail + quick hitch + camera + height limiter
  • 14.5 Tonne - Komatsu PC138: -us-8 zero tail with blade + quick hitch + camera + height restrictor
  • 13 Tonne - Hitachi ZX130LCN + quick hitch + camera + height limiter + swing restrictor
  • 8.8 Tonne - Komatsu PC88: quick hitch + camera + height limiter
  • 8.5 Tonne - Hitachi ZX85US: quick hitch
  • 8.5 Tonne - Kubota KX080-4: quick hitch
  • 6 Tonne - Kubota KX057-4: quick hitch
  • 5 Tonne - Kubota U48-4: quick hitch + zero-tail swing
  • 4.5 Tonne - Kubota KX121-3: Mini
  • 3.5 Tonne - Kubota KX101-3: Mini
  • 3.5 Tonne - Kubota U35-3A3: Zero-tail swing Mini
  • 3 Tonne - Kubota KX71-3: Mini
  • 2.7 Tonne - Kubota KX61-3: Mini
  • 2.7 Tonne - Kubota U27-4: Zero-tail swing Mini
  • 2.2 Tonne - Kubota U20-3: Zero-tail swing Mini
  • 1.8 Tonne - Kubota KX018-4: Mini
  • 1.5 Tonne - Kubota KX016-4: Mini Excavator, canopy/ cab 
  • Micro - Kubota K008-3: (variable tracks 27” narrowest) 750cwt

Other Plant we have available to hire:

  • Merlo Telehandler 17M available with forks and bucket.
  • Manitou 4 Wheel drive 16M Access platform 9M outreach

Please enquire for more detail.

We have a large range of excavator attachments to hire with or without excavators:

  • Peckers to fit 1.5- 14.3 Ton excavators
  • Screening Bucket
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Augers to fit 2.7 ton to 5 ton excavators
  • Post Knocker to fit larger Mini Excavators
  • Compact plate
  • Excavator Brush
  • Fork Attachment


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2014-08-05 20:51:21

Excavator attachments for hire

Along with excavator hire, A&M Lloyd Plant Hire Ltd can provide a range of attachments for your excavator including brush cutters, peckers, hedge trimmers, access platforms and brushes. Our full range of excavator attachments is available over the phone, but our most popular equipment is listed below.

POST KNOCKER to fit larger Mini Excavators
AUGERS to fit 2.7 tonne to 5 tonne machine

For reliable excavator hire and excavator attachments call A&M Lloyd Plant Hire Ltd today on
01341 401 234

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